Social Responsibility Activity: Indigenous Protection of the Amazon Rainforest Debate

The Slovenian social responsibility activity of  the Together For Sustainable Development Goals’ Erasmus project took place on September 5 in the class 2 SP of BIC VET school in Ljubljana together with a professor Maja Šteković and Robin Dewa. Students were introduced to the situation of Brazilian indigenous peoples in the rainforest especially in connection with the visit of young Brazilian indigenous activist Alice Pataxo in Slovenia. They saw the interview with her on the RTV Slovenia.

The students also saw the trailer Territory about the plight of indigenous defenders of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

Students performed pro et contra debate activity with the one side favoring the protection of the rainforest and the indigenous way of life while the other group took the position of wealthy ranch owners and illegal settlers on the indigenous land. Student groups chose their speakers who represented their point of views.

The aim of the activity is also to eventually connect with the indigenous activist Alice Pataxo and do some more activities later on. The email has been sent to her and now we are all waiting for her potential reply.

Together for SDGs Amazon    Together for SDGs Amazon

Together for SDGs Amazon    Together for SDGs Amazon