Grades: All

Related SDGs: 3 (Good Health and Well-Being) – Examine the following link to further look into the connection:

Purpose: Raising awareness

Time: Adaptable – 30-90 minutes

Lesson created by: Line A. N. Andreassen, Rothaugen, Norway

Lesson plan: At Rothaugen school in Norway, the 10th grade elective “Innsats for andre” (“effort for others”) are beading bracelets for the Norwegian Cancer Society! The beads are provided by the Norwegian Cancer Society and the students bead at least 4 bracelets. After beading 4 bracelets, they get to keep the next one (number 5). The bracelets are sent to the Norwegian Cancer Society and then sold on their website. The finished product can be seen in the attached image.

TFSDGs Bracelets against cancer